Handcrafted Flower accessory
Based in Berlin

I'm a Japanese accessory artist and we have very famous flower in the world named Sakura which is cherry blossoms. It is Japanese natonal flower as well.
In Spring 2020, I wanted to embrace the beautiful nature and inspired an idea it would be nice if I can make beautiful real flowers to some accessories before dropping or dying and people can wear them on. Nature has beautiful abundant energy and if we can wear it on, we can carry the good vibration together on a day. My accessories are made thinking of the person with happiness.

We can ship to world wide.
Initially shipping cost will be checked in advance.
Also the item is only one in the world. Please note that completely same item won't be exist.

We sell for free of transport cost within Berlin, Germany.

Also, if you are interested in to request making your website by us, please ask from the form on this website.

Email : itisjapan2017☆gmail.com

 used ☆ to prevent spam.

Phone : (+DE)017686053109 

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