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We offer not only translation, but also proofreading and localization services, as well as consultation for businesses connected to Japan, website development, translation, video creation and editing.
The time has come to expand your economic activities borderlessly.

What we offer


Your website or software will be localized into Japanese and you can grab Japanese market.


From legal and economical, political point of view with actual market needs and target analyzation


Your documents which are from Legal, Financial, Politics, Medical, IT / software to Fashion as various categories are available into Japanese.

Legal/Visa Advice
We can advise you on obtaining visas and immigration advice in Japan and another countries, documents on contract both in English Japanese and other matters relating to familiar legal matters.
Online secretary
We can provide secretarial and representational services for your business matters, such as communicating with clients and companies bilingual between English and Japanese, drafting contracts, preparing documents, communicating by email and telephone.

Motivation, business mind, leadership consultant, also quality assurance of Service at your company

Web Site Development
& Bilingualism

We create websites, including landing pages, to showcase your activities and business to your clients in a cool way.
Web Design
& Video Creation and Editing

We can create and edit your activities, your business, your announcements, your advertisements, and even your videos and advertisements.


The wide range of subject is available, the details and back ground can be referred the page of About us.
( An excerpt from the page of About us )

Specific subjects include politics and economics, corporate / legal documents, finance, medical, IT / software, cryptocurrency, automobile related, home electronics / technology, travel / airline, fashion, foods, diet, beauty etc.. 
Original material is not only in English, but it is multilingual, from which we currently only support to be in Japanese. Your software and various documents can also be spreaded in the Japanese market. If you succeed in the Japanese market, other Asian countries would want it. Please feel free to ask the consult once.

Actual past client projects are for example, Apple, Indonesian companies' joint venture agreement, online travel agency web site, law firm website, marketing software localization, IP phone instruction manual, Bit coin articles etc..

Consultancy mainly include leadership management, healthy internal management, staff motivation and editorial lecture meetings. We also provide service to travel at the location for staffs which is such as 5 stars and luxury brands, luxury department stores and so on. Please also give us inquiries the issues such as management holds to make it healthy organization of management.


The head of Linked borders is a Julius doctor and is able to deal with legal and professional matters, but she is also able to deal with financial matters as she is surrounded on a daily basis by CEO friends, including members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Japan (JCI). She is also well versed in new Financial ideas such as Fintech, including finance and politics as friends who are members of parliament and city councilors, so we are able to deal with a very wide range of matters.

With this background, and having lived in 7 countries in 10 years on different continents, and having friends in 80 countries on all continents, she is familiar with all the countries and regions of the world and are able to deal with all aspects of international politics and economics.

As a result, we are able to deal with a wide range of international political and economic issues, including legal matters, visa procedures and business contracts.

We have extensive experience in the fields of politics and economics, corporate and legal documentation, finance, medical, IT/software, cryptocurrency, automotive, consumer electronics and technology, travel and airlines, fashion, food, diet and beauty.




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